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True Love Tool
The eternal search for true love is common in everyone. We continue to look for our soul mates all through life. When we find someone our exciting search ends but the excitement of being a couple takes over.

The first few years are bliss but then why do most couples turn against each other later? Why is marriage joked about as a prison term in jokes?

The initial rosy pictures turns faded as love takes a back seat to life.
It looks like the life is being drained out of love. You had made vows for being there for each other for life. You HAD felt that way, then how come things look not so charged up anymore? Most couples face this problem and only the heroes and heroines of love stories in books and films go on to be perfect married people after a perfect love life as singles. Love is variable, it grows and recedes.

Take our word for it. The only way to prevent the onset of boredom in your love-life is to be perennially interested and always caring to do acts that show interest in your partner.

Take care to really judge and answer when they ask how they look, that’s just one of the many simple things you can do. The more you care for each other’s things, the more you care about each other, the more will your love last. You cannot be immersed in your serial or video game and let them get angry or disappointed.

Be as much interested in your mate as you want them to be in you. Love is about giving and receiving, sharing and caring. This seems like simple advice. Mind you, simple it may appear, it is neither easy to apply nor are the results anything short of spectacular.

Learn about their quibbles, dramas, fights, amusements, jokes and sad news alike, daily at the end of day.

Whether it is about the boss’s wife or your child’s teacher, discuss and grow together in each other’s heart, mind and soul.

Drama is an inevitable and inescapable part of life. Life isn’t good all the time or bad all the time. It changes always; each day brings its own shade. Keep rowing the boat of life along with your partner and you will enjoy the scenery better.

Always be ready and ask the concerns if your lover seems out of color. Know them better than they know themselves. Know their wants, desires, goals, talents and support at every step. Have daily chats about such things, the “small talk” will go a long way in building a cemented relationship. Don’t be self-involved and take adequate care to ensure that you are giving adequate attention to his or her needs.

Studies have shown that couples stick together longer and marriages are happier when the couples engage in regular, healthy small talk. They bicker less and dote more. Start today itself and go home and ask everything about your partner’s day. Don’t stop this after a while; make it your second nature. Make it so regular that you feel odd if you don’t know the way your lover’s boss or employee behaved that day. Love will multiply in value when you invest a little interest.

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