CASANOVA’S DIGIT RATIO You may be wondering whether all that tales about Casanova’s love conquests were made up.

Not exactly. Contrary to Don Juan, we know that Casanova really existed, and historians are able to reconstruct many events of his life.
Finger lengths have been studied for hundreds of years. The longest ring finger is known as the

«Casanova pattern.» But some speculate that this is not just a saying. It is very likely that indeed Casanova could have a very masculine 2D: 4D ratio:

«Anecdotal evidence is found in the memoirs of Giacomo Casanova from Venice, who became known as one of the most famous ‘womanisers’ of all times. Casanova’s life as an adventurous writer took him across Europe, and in his memoirs about his stay in Spain we learn of the relative length of his fingers. Casanova described a dispute with the painter Anton Raphael Mengs about the ‘human condition’ of the ratio between the index finger and the ring finger. While Menge was claiming that his longer index finger was the correct human condition, Casanova claimed that his long finger was »like that of all the children descended from Adam.»

Сasanova didn’t conquer all those women only because of his skills. And certainly he didn’t have any woman he desired. This part of the tale is a myth. The finger ratio tells us he probably had very «masculine» genes that helped him with some women.

I am also confident that Casanova only conquered those women who were already into him. His intelligence and social skills were a valuable asset, only after he met the lady who already found him «her type» as girls put it today. He just had to «close the deal.» Studies show that hormones play a very important role in sexual attraction. This is the way it is today, and I see no reason why in times of

Casanova it could be different. People are only people.

People saw him with this gorgeous countess or that beautiful lady, and the rumors were unleashed: this gentleman is able to conquer any lady he fancies. Do you think Casanova was bragging around when he got rejected? No way, his seducer propaganda wouldn’t allow a moment of sincerity.

Casanova was a confirmed liar – his whole «career» was based on lies and scams. He believed that «deceiving a fool is an exploit worthy of an intelligent man.» Who do you think Casanova took for that «fool», the women he slept with? Probably some of them were pretty dumb. But it’s more likely that he had in mind all those men who were scammed by him, like Marquise Jeanne d’Urfé – «using his excellent memory which made him (Casanova) appear to have a sorcerer’s power of numerology.»

Or Count de Saint-Germain to whom Casanova „declared with impunity, with a casual air, that he was three hundred years old, that he possessed the universal medicine, that he made anything he liked from nature, that he created diamonds.» Neil Strauss declared with a casual air that he seduced Britney Spears.

Because of his numerous scams Casanova was frequently on the run. Keep in mind that the first known PUA in history was in fact a con artist.

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