Moving On – How To Cope When People Keep Reminding You Of Him

It can be difficult moving on after a break up. Even if you’re leaving the most toxic relationship, most women find themselves having a hard time letting go of their ex.

Break ups disrupt your life.

The things around you that used to bring you comfort, are now a reminder of your ex and your past relationship. When you’re working on moving on the last thing you need is to be reminded of your ex.

Family and friends can be one of the biggest hurdles you need to overcome. If he your family liked your ex, they may be trying to urge you to make up. They may also ask tons of questions about the situation and remind you of his good points.

If they didn’t like him, you may hear people say I told you so.

Or they may start to badmouth him. If you share mutual friends then you may find that even going out may lead to talk of your ex or your past relationship. Bringing up the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you’re sincere about moving on you need to explain to the people in your life that you’re letting go of that relationship. Let them know the break up is over and you’d appreciate not being reminded of your ex and past relationship, because you’re focused on your future.

This may seem difficult but remember most aspects of moving on will be. However, remember you need people around you that will help get you past the break up.

You have to be prepared to lose some of your friendships and limit contact with some relatives until you’re completely heal. This is not permanent, but you need to surround yourself with people who will help you heal. Remember with your close relationships it’s quality, not quantity that matters.
Maintain contact with the people who are most important to you, your closest friends and family. If you had mutual friends maintain contact with the ones that your closest to and allow your ex to do the same. This can be a painful process, but you need to do this to move on.

Moving on is difficult enough, without having the people around you reminding you of your ex. If possible get away and spend time with a friend that’s not a mutual friend. This can help you get a better perspective on what you need.

Once you say your moving on, you need to decide the break up phase  is over, that part of your life is finished. Having a support system of loving, caring, understanding people will help you get over him.
Wishing you success in love and life,

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