Mr. Perfect Does Not Exist! So Stop Looking For Him

Blame it on the fairy tales you read as a child. On the other hand, maybe it was all of those Disney movies. They got you started on your search for a perfect man. Many of us, heard the story from a young age about how Mr. Perfect the Prince Charming, always rides in on his white stallion to sweep “Miss Perfect” off of her feet. They ride off into the sunset, get married and live happily ever after.

When you admit to yourself that Mr.

Perfect does not exist you need to start looking for your Mr. Right. Unfortunately, the man of your dreams isn’t just going to fall into your lap. He’s not hiding under your bed or waiting at your front door. You need to actively seek him out. If you know your dream man is not in the groups of men you’re currently acquainted with, obviously you need to start looking somewhere else. If you really want a man in your life the first thing you need to do is get out of your comfort zone. Meet new men, but before you start dating them, here are some questions to ask yourself about your last few dates:

Are your bad dates, bad because you not compatible, or were you the cause of the date’s failure. Were you a good date? Were you looking for Mr. Perfect? Were you excited about the date? Did you enjoy yourself during the date?

Were looking for perfection in him? Did you compare him to other men whom you find more attractive or more fun to be with? Did you look for flaws, quirks or bad habits to use as an excuse not to see him again? If he didn’t measure up to Mr. Perfect, did that change the way you felt about the date?

Have you turned down second dates with men you were compatible with  even when the first date went well. Do you make time to go out on second dates with some of the men you’ve met. Have you made excuses, when you were asked out again? Do you give yourself “busy work” to keep from going out with someone even when your first date went well because he’s can’t measure up to Mr. Perfect standards?
Are you waiting for Mr. Perfect? Are you holding out for your champion or your hero? Are you waiting for a Mr.

Perfect a perfect man, fireworks, immediate connection or love at first sight? Do you think somewhere a perfect man is waiting for you?

If you see yourself thinking any of this while on a date, you’re going to have a hard time finding the man of your dreams. You need to start your search for the man of your dreams by giving up on the fairy tale. Stop thinking about and waiting for Mr. Perfect to ride in to rescue and complete you. Mr. Perfect does not exist and looking for him is ruining your chance at happiness with your Mr. Right. The only one that can rescue and complete you, is you.

Nobody’s perfect.

Everyone has their own set of flaws, including you. If Mr. Perfect did exist, he’d probably be looking for Miss Perfect. How would you measure up to Miss Perfect? That’s the question you need to put to yourself every time you start measuring a date against your Mr. Perfect yard stick. When it comes to perfection, everyone falls short. So give your date a break. Stop trying to make him into something he can never be and learn how to accept him for who he is. Isn’t that what you want him to do for you? Good luck!

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