Can she be your match?

The criteria you use to find a girl is the most important thing for your dating success, with some adult dating advice that shouldn’t be that hard to figure it out. It is the foundation of your preferences, pretty much it is a reflection of yourself. As a lot of advices say it the term “Opposites attract” hardly ever applies in real world relationships. Of course we are all different in our own ways, but the success rate of relationships with 2 individuals with extreme differences is very low, as they wouldn’t share too many things in common, 9 times out of 10, if you approach a girl who appears to be quite opposite from you, you will usually fail. The best chance for a successful approach is by identifying a potential mate through the use of mate criteria.

What is involved in a mate criteria?

Material things. Are you a person who always has to have things? Are you always obsessing about having the latest or most expensive things? If yes, then you would have better luck with a female who isn’t into material things, in this case”Opposites attract”could apply. There needs to be a balance in a relationship, a medium in which the female and male both mesh well in. Otherwise, if you find a female who is just as materialistic, most times there will be relationship problems, as both would always be competing to have those things first. Being they on the extreme opposite of either side concerning materialism is never healthy, that is why finding a mate who is different with materialism can help even things.

Sexual drive. This one is very self explanatory. If you’re a guy who loves having sex every day, and you’re dating a girl who is not that driven sexually, that is a strong indicator that either she might not be the one or like adult dating advice says, serious relationship work needs to be involved. In this case, the Opposites Attract does not apply most of the times. Think about it like this, if you’re a guy who loves having sex all the time, or if you like to experiment, then dating a hometown sweetheart might a lot of fun and satisfying at first, but in the end most likely it will not work out. Like adult dating advice mentions, of course there are exceptions to everything, but in general those circumstances hardly ever succeed in the long run.

Personality. It can be refer as”The quality or condition of being a person.”. There are many different personality types and it can be pretty complicated.

After acquainting yourself with anyone for a sufficient amount of time, you can usually compare and contrast your personality with theirs. For example, if you’re a college graduate who has never been in trouble with the law and you decide to date a female who has been in jail 3 times, adult dating advice would say that the chances it will not work out are very high. “Opposites attract”does and does not apply with personality. For instance, in a couple who’s personalities are very different that there is always conflict it could never be healthy. However, couples who’s personalities are moderately different can prove to be healthy for the relationship as we had said it could balance the relationship. So concerning your mate criteria, don’t continue a relationship when your mate’s personality is too different that your own. It would save you and her a lot of heartache and aggravation.

Relationships where both have similar lifestyles have a better chance of success than those who have contrasting lifestyles. If you’re dating a female who always seems to be so busy that she can hardly find the time to be with you, it creates for a lot of stress and unhappiness, the same as if your lifestyle is too busy. Of course everyone has to work, but some people have chosen work as a primary aspect of their life. According to this it is important to base your criteria around someone with a similar lifestyle to yours.

Mate Criteria is not a set book of rules that you have to follow. It is a rough guideline to help you find someone who could compliment your lifestyle. If you were dating somebody that compliments a couple but not all of the characteristics then there could be a chance of it working. Does this mean it won’t work out?. If both parties are willing to work out their differences that could end up being common ground to find satisfaction for both of you, then it can work out.

You can always use your criteria even before you approach a girl for the first time. Obviously you might not be able to use it all the time but for example, if you’re attracted to a female but if she seems to enjoy being around a lot of guys, it might be better to stay away from her unless you’re a person consumed by sex. Once again, there are exceptions to everything but if you’re looking for a stable relationship and it is obvious that a female is quite different from you then it will most likely fail either in short term, or long term.

This will vary depending on how often you see her, but on average the three month mark is enough time to correctly assess a person’s qualities.

If you know your mate well enough to correctly apply the usages of mate criteria, then it is time to take action. If your mate criteria suggests differences in any of the 4 areas, it is better to use the dating advice and approach her about it. You have to let her know how you feel and what you want. If your mate likes or loves you enough, she will work with you and help you reach a state of satisfaction…

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