How To Get the Most Out Of Your Relationship

You may have heard the expression “born romantic” or, perhaps, you have seen a couple being affectionate to each other and wondered why your relationships haven’t been the same. The fact is though, that very few people are naturally romantic, it is rather a result of practice on their behalf. Rather than just expecting romance to happen, as if by magic, they have spent time learning what it takes to be romantic. This is something which you can learn and practice too.

You should aim for lots of little gestures, made on a regular basis, rather than focusing on sparse, grand gestures. If you can afford to do both, that’s great, but you may be pleasantly surprised at just how much the little things mean to your partner. It is all about demonstrating that you care, that you want your partner to feel special, and that you are in love with your partner.

So, what exactly counts as a romantic gesture?

Well, it can be anything that lets your partner know that you have been, or are, thinking about them. Cost isn’t the issue here; what matters is showing them that you care. Here are some examples to help you get started…

  • -Send a text message saying how much you love them
  • -Hand write a letter and post it to them
  • -Send them a romantic email
  • -Give compliments each and every time you see each other
  • -Make it a habit to always kiss your partner when you greet and leave them
  • -Unexpectedly kiss them
  • -Give them hugs and affectionate squeezes
  • -Hold hands while walking together
  • -Write love notes and leave them in random places where you know your partner will find them
  • -Call your partner just to say “Hi”
  • -Cook and serve a candlelit dinner
  • -Arrange to have an intimate lunch together
  • -Give flowers on days other than birthdays, Christmas, valentines, etc.
  • -Write a romantic poem and read it to your partner
  • -Write a list of the reasons why you love your partner and stick it on their bedroom wall
  • -Giving your partner a slow gentle massage
  • -Phone just before going to bed to wish them sweet dreams.

There are of course other things that you could do, but those ideas listed above are more than enough, so long as you follow them through and put your heart into them. By implementing even a few of them, your partner will be in no doubt as to how your feelings towards them. Also, remember, that affection returns affection, so, by starting to be affectionate and romantic yourself, your partner will soon starting responding to you in the same way. Soon enough, you will be romantic bliss!

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