How to kiss her when she’s ready

Have you ever been on a date and you wondered if the woman wanted to kiss you, but you didn’t know how to tell if she was ready to kiss? Now you can learn how to kiss her when she’s ready, and avoid an embarrassing failed attempt when she’s not. Meanwhile you can also avoid waiting too long until you kiss her, which may cause her to see you as more of the friend type, which might scare her away from getting physical because she wouldnt want to risk losing your friendship.

It’s best to only try to kiss a girl if she’s ready, as it will save a lot of embarrassment, and prevent you from ever getting a second chance, and a second date.

Successful timing of a first kiss can often make the relationship work, while poor timing can break the relationship before it has a chance. When you try to kiss a girl often depends on several factors, one of them being how serious do you want to get.

There are plenty of guys who are great with ladies who like the stability of having a girlfriend, they tend to want to make sure that the girl is girlfriend material, so they will wait through 1 date, and possibly even a second if they feel they need to, to show respect and display that they are boyfriend type and aren’t out to take advantage of them. If this is you, forget even trying to kiss a girl on the first date, make sure she actually seems interested and says things like “this was fun, I had a good time, we should do this again”, and make sure she sees the qualities in you that you see in yourself. In addition, make sure she has the qualities you want. Then you can look for the signs, and if they’re there, go for it. If you are looking for a girlfriend, you may want to wait as long as you need to until the signs are obvious.

Such signs might include, touching her hair and playing with it while looking at you, playing with your hair while close to you and looking away nervously, getting close to you, cuddling up while watching a movie, looking into your eyes, touching you, lightly swatting your shoulder or punching your arm if you tease her, and many others.

You need to see more than just one of these, and often times you will start to see them right after another. On the other hand, there are also plenty of pick up artists who know exactly what they need to do to get a girl to like them, but these guys may not be interested in a girlfriend, and instead are just out for casual relationships. These people should kiss a girl by the end of the second date at the latest, otherwise they will be spending too much time with the same girl before they know how that girl feels, and will have shown too much commitment when they are going to be unable to show that commitment later on.

These pick up artists are the guys that date ten or more different women casually.

If this is the case, they don’t care if they fail, because they are just looking for a casual relationship anyways, in this case they don’t need to know if the woman is right for them, they don’t need to know if the women has an emotional attachment, and sees them as someone who can enhance their lives intellectually and emotionally through conversation, and they don’t need to worry about how the date went.

Regardless of what you want, when the time comes, try touching a woman’s hair. If she’s comfortable enough to let you do that, she’s probably willing to kiss you. That doesnt mean you have to go for it right when she lets you touch her hair, but to keep it in mind, so that you know shes ready to be kissed.

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